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Model overview

Based on the same frame design, the aerodynamic body is currently available in 4 body styles; The R18/A1 for the Honda Goldwing GL1800 from 2001 - 2010. The R18/A2 for the GL1800 build from 2012 till now. The R18/B, designed for the Honda Goldwing F6B and the R18/C   specially designed for the characteristic aesthetics of the F6C Valkyrie Custom.

All body styles are beautifully in line with the characteristic design elements of the original Honda Goldwing. Our designers made sure that the aesthetics of the Goldwing are respected and the complete trike results in a well balanced design, making the trike look strong and beautiful on its own.


Outside Europe
R18 Base kit
GL1800 (R18/A1-A2)
F6B (R18/B)
F6C (R18/C)
All *R18 Kits are equipped with an additional 3rd radiator
8.795 USD
Standard Options & Accessories
Progressive rear spring - 65.00 USD
ABS Kit - 80.00 USD
Parking brake kit - 599.95 USD
Rear car tire (replaces OEM tire) - 95.00 USD
Rear car tire for F6C (replaces OEM tire) - 125.00 USD
Lighting Options
Low beam set - 179.95 USD
High beam set- 179.95 USD
Position light set front fenders - 65.00 USD
Red LED lights rear side of front fenders - 50.00 USD
Shipping Options
Trike kit crate charge - 180 USD
International Transport (overseas) on request.
*Pricing excludes installation, paint job & road registration. Please refer to your nearest Sturgis Trike dealer (see 'contact' page) for actual pricing.
Within Europe
Complete R18 kit*
For GL1800 (R18/A1-A2), F6B (R18/B)
and F6C (R18/C) Including all options, installation, paint job and inspection/registration.
14.750 Euro
Prices include 21% Tax.
Shipping Options
International Transport on request. Please contact us for pricing.
* Note for European countries:
Due to the strict regulations in Europe regarding vehicle safety, we can only offer complete Trike Kits with all options as mentioned above. This also includes installation, paint job and inspection/registration.


Drag your mouse cursor to rotate the Trike both vertically and horizontally.
Our iconic model, that has already proven itself on hundreds of builds worldwide. Perfect in line with the GL1800 Goldwing, giving it a very muscular appearance. A real eye catcher.
This kit is compatible for models GL1800 from 2001 - 2016. The factory ABS is fully compatible with the kit.


Especially for F6B, the more modern and streamlined sibling of the Goldwing GL1800, we have adjusted the high end fiberglass body so it fits perfectly with the more slender fairing of the F6B.
The R18/B kit is designed for the F6B models from 2013 - till now. The factory ABS is fully compatible with this kit. 


Drag your mouse cursor to rotate the Trike both vertically and horizontally.
This body type is pecifically designed for the Goldwing Custom 'Valkyrie' series. Beautifully in line with all design elements the Valkyrie has. This kit brings out the beast!.
This kit is compatible for models F6C / Valkyrie from 2014 - 2016. The factory ABS is fully compatible with the kit.