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A 'Reversed Trike' offers the opposite setup of a conventional trike; Two wheels in the front and one in the back.

Reversed Trikes

Motorcycle trikes, also known as tricycles, have been around for more than 50 years; Mostly known as the eye catching custom build bikes that attracts the attention of many at motorcycle shows, but also as 'all terrain' bikes which, when handled well, offered great off road riding experience.
Trikes are fun! However, there where definitely some flaws in the trike designs in those days: most important one, its stability. Most designs were based on two wheel in the back and one in the front. This setup reduces the cost of the steering mechanism, but greatly decreases lateral stability when cornering while braking.

Unlike the more conventional versions of a classic motorcycle trike, the Reversed trike has the opposite setup, two wheels in the front and one in the back. A Reversed Trike configuration presents several advantages: it has improved aerodynamics (dropshape), better traction and the vehicle is far more stable in braking turns. 
As safety and comfort are important values, Sturgis Trike naturally choose this setup as the base of their R18 design.

A nice additional 'cool factor' of a trike, is the fact that in many countries wearing a helmet is no longer needed by law. This is based on the classification of a trike as a car instead of a motorcycle. This also results in the fact you don't need a motorcycle drivers license to be able to drive a Sturgis Reversed Trike. Check here if these rules apply for your country as well.
The best designed & build Reversed Trike on the market, giving fulfillments to us and maximum pleasure to our customers.

The Sturgis R18

There are several Reversed Trike options available around, why is a Sturgis R18 Trike your best choice?

The highest quality
First of all, and this is something we take really serious; the choice for quality of craftmanship and materials. We make absolutely no concessions by outsourcing production to cheap labour countries. Production is done by our own craftsmen who have a true passion for their profession. This shows in both quality and perfection. The materials we choose and the finishing that is applied are of the highest quality.

All these aspects come together by superb engineering. Our designers and engineers put their hearts and years of experience in their work. Resulting in the best designed & build Reversed Trike on the market, giving fulfillment to us and maximum pleasure our satisfied customers.

Most comfortable suspension
The features that put the Sturgis R18 ahead of the rest of the pack are many, but of primary importance besides the superb engineering is the independent suspension in combination with the Chroom molybdeen A arms. Our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger.

Most stable and easiest handling
Our 63.8 inch wide track has made the Sturgis R18 Trike one of the safest and most stable trikes available. It will out-corner all other trikes, allowing you to run with your two wheel companions on twisty roads. 

Sturgis Trike have the best combination of sporty handling and a plush ride. As a matter of fact: Sturgis Trikes offer so much comfort and easy handling, that many senior drivers, who were thinking of letting their passion go, can continue to enjoy driving their beloved Honda Goldwing! 

Best integration of the GL1800 features
An additional third radiator in the front of the polyester body will keep your engine always on the right temperature in all conditions. The original Honda Brake calipers and brake discs will be re used. At the rear, a car tire and heavy duty rear springs are standard features. The standard Honda combined brake system stays intact and if your bike is equipped with ABS and or a Airbag they stay retained.

Fully tested and approved
Sturgis Trikes are fully tested and approved by the dutch RDW, a governmental institute comparable with the German TUV or North American DOT.

2 years of warranty
As the quality of our Trikes even exceeded our own expectations, we are fully confident in offering a standard warranty term of 2 years - unlimited mileage - on both kit and installation.

Read more about our model lineup and their technical specifications.

R18 Features

• Super comfortable
• Relaxed riding characteristics
• Great handling
• Beautiful design
• Very solid built
• Car drivers license
• No helmet needed
• 3rd Radiator & fan
• ABS - Cruise control
• Combined braking systeem
• 2 years of warranty, unlimited mileage

Sturgis Reversed Trike R18A, designed for the Honda Goldwing 'GL1800'.