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Width : 1580 mm / 62.2 inch
Height : 1420 mm / 55.9 inch
Ground clearance : 100 mm / 3.9 inch
Wheel base : 1700 mm / 67 inch
Total weight : 503 Kg / 1109 Lbs

Front : Original Honda.
Rear : Original Honda combined with mechanical parking brake.

Suspension & Shocks
Front : Independant suspension with hydraulic STURGIS* shocks with adjustable spring-tension and damping.
Rear : Original Honda shocks with progressive heavier springs. * 2 years warranty!

Front : 205-45-17 inch tires.
Aluminum sport rims.

Rear: 185-65-16 inch tire. Original Honda rim.

Ultra light, high quality fiber glass body for a lower fuel consumption.

Extra radiator and fan to maintain the correct engine cooling.

Dim lights and bright lights 

Note: ABS and/or Airbag remains functional if you own a GL1800 level 3 or 4.

Sturgis Trikes are RDW approved.

R18 Technisch ontwerp

The power of the Sturgis Reversed R18 Trike is for a large part hidden under its body. A strong frame structure featuring independent suspension powered by STURGIS shocks that can be hydraulically adjusted. The original Honda rear shocks are upgraded with heavier suspension.
Sturgis developed its own alloy rim for the R18 trikes. We mounted special tyres for the best grip. It also features an additional radiator with cooling fan to maintain the engine cooling, as the regular radiator is partly covered by the trike kit after installation.
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