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Next to the production of the R18 trike kit, we also offer other services to our customers to complete the ultimate user experience.


As manufacturer and builder of the Sturgis Reversed Trike R18 we also provide a series of additional services for our European customers; We provide, for instance, the complete installation and testing of the trike kits, we also offer maintenance and repairing of engines and complete R18 Goldwing Trikes. If you are looking for a ready made R18 trike, we have several occasions in stock.
For other countries worldwide, we work with an international dealer network. Our dealers have been trained by us and provide equal services for conversion / installation and maintenance of your Sturgis R18 Reversed Trike. You can order your R18 Trike from the nearest dealer and they will arrange the rest. Check out our 'contact' page for a dealer list.
Our services don't stop after we sell a trike, this is where it all starts, that longterm relationship with our customer.
– Pieter Lammes, CEO Sturgis Trike


Sturgis installs engines and builds your R18 Reversed Trike according to your wishes. Your Honda Goldwing can be completely transformed in our own workshop into a Reversed Trike R18 so you can enjoy comfortable cruising.

Tech Test

When the trike is ready and extensively tested by us, we will offer it to the RDW for a technical inspection. After approval, we register the trike for you, so everything is arranged to perfection.


To keep your R18 Reversed Trike in top condition, it is advisable to schedule a periodic maintenance. We'll then check the entire motorcycle and change fluids, brake parts and tires if necessary.


Unfortunately, it can happen that you have had an accident or suffered damage in other ways. We repair your damage to perfection in our paint / body shop so you have one concern less. As if nothing happened...

Paint work

In addition to installation, we offer a paint job in every color you wish; We are specialists in spray painting the factory original Honda Candy colors so your R18 trike fits seamlessly with the original color of your Goldwing or we scan custom paint the whole trike in a new color.


If desired, we can pick up your motorcycle and deliver the new Trike on your doorstep. How convenient is that?! We offer this in the Netherlands without any additional costs. We can also arrange transport within Europe for a pre-negotiated price.


Despite the superb quality of Honda, there is always a chance something breaks down on your bike or trike. In our own workshop we can solve every problem professionally, we only use original Honda parts.


Not a Honda Goldwing owner yet? Or are you looking for a complete ready made R18 Reversed Trike, New or used. Then, you have also come to the right place. We can also mediate in the sale of your Goldwing Trike or R18.